No Buy Year 2019

Whilst scrolling through WordPress last week (trying to avoid the looming thought about having to go back to work!), I came across a blog post on Hannah’s Loop where she mentioned that she was doing a version of a year-long no buy year. Reading through the blog post, I became inspired to try something similar. Also, with the possibility of a house move this year, and the fact that I need to reduce the amount of things that I have to pack up and move, I felt motivated to try and give it a go!

Before starting, I thought it would be good to re-organise all of my beauty products, clothes, stationery, books, bags and other “clutter” to see what I already have and to make sure that I wasn’t over-buying or double-buying any items. I was absolutely shocked and the amount of stuff I had in my bedroom alone: I honestly didn’t realise how much everything had built up since leaving home for University just over 6 years ago. However, I did find this process really useful as it was a good shock for me to see how much I had spent over the last few years, with some of it being things that I did not need to buy. This made me realise that I’m more of a shop-a-holic than I ever thought!

For this reason, I think trying to do a version of a no buy year for 2019 could really benefit me in using up things that I’ve already bought and hopefully help me to think about whether I actually need an item before buying it. With the possibility of me buying my first house within a few months, and knowing that I would then need to start paying off a mortgage, insurance and other added bills, I think that I need to become a more conscientious shopper. It took me a little while to create a list of rules that I felt were best to help me be successful and hopefully I will be able to add other things to the “No Buy List” as it goes on and I feel more confident in not caving in to spending.

The Rules

  1. No purchasing makeup of any sort (Excluding subscription boxes)
  2. No household decor items, dishes, candles, etc. (Until I have moved house and can see things that I need that I do not have)
  3. No purchasing skin care unless replacing
  4. No purchasing hair care unless replacing
  5. No purchasing bath items unless replacing (shower gel, bath bombs, bubble bath, etc.)
  6. No purchasing clothing or shoes (unless using a gift card that I have been given or replacing broken shoes)
  7. No purchasing furniture until I have moved house
  8. No purchasing stationery
  9. No purchasing jewellery
  10. No purchasing bags
  11. No purchasing perfume

The Exceptions

  1. Food
  2. Prescriptions
  3. Replacement skin and hair care or bath items (for completely empty categories)
  4. Essential household items (toilet paper, toothpaste, washing powder, etc.)
  5. Petrol, other car necessities
  6. Dog supplies
  7. Gifts (no more than £20 for a gift)
  8. Free samples & gifts
  9. Family and evening entertainment when necessary (DVDs, CDs, Books, Games, Puzzles, etc)

Hopefully this year goes well and I can then continue to think before in buying in more areas as I go on!

Has anybody else tried this before or is trying it this year? Let me know if you are!



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